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Sports Schools are not a modern phenomenon, they originated way back in the 1930s in the erstwhile Soviet Union when the Young Pioneers Stadium was built in Moscow. It is still considered to be the first specialized sports school in the world. In continuation the a number of sports schools were opened in Moscow, Leningrad and a few other cities in USSR and these were regulated by the Central Soviet of Sports Societies and Organizations of the USSR. So closely integrated were the sports schools with the society of the USSR that there was frequent transfers of sports schools to educational schools and vice versa.

This culture soon spread to the Eastern Bloc countries with stunning results. Go through the medal tally in world sports events or the Olympics and these nations can be found to be right up there in the list. Sports schools are now found in many countries sponsored by the respective Governments to further the cause of sports development.

However, the common man is not very aware of the concept of sports schools and the important role they play in nurturing sports talents. Who sponsors them, how do they function, how do they pick raw talent or what is their curriculum and training methods? These are some of the questions that are of interest to everybody but most do not know where to look for to get the necessary information.

This is where our blog site showshimmer.com will come in handy. Our site is devoted exclusively to sports schools in different countries and their mode of functioning. We focus on this aspect and bring various news, information and detailed notes on the subject. Visitors to our site will get reports on sports school, starting from the times they came into existence to how they have evolved over time and what they are in their modern form.

To make our site truly meaningful, we invite write-ups from dedicated bloggers who have in-depth knowledge of sports schools around the world and specifically in their own countries. Topics can range from what is the criterion for admission to these schools to the training methodologies adopted for producing world class athletes.

The choice of subject rests squarely on the blogger. We accept all blogs for publication on our site provided they are related to the specific niche of sports schools.